Easter Bunnies Garland Paper Craft

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner

I am always on the lookout for new Easter decorations and Easter party ideas. It’s not always easy to find ideas for Easter decorations that are cute without being over cheesy. As you may know from ready some of my other knock off crafts and banners, I love Pottery Barn holiday decorations! (check out my PB Inspired Valentine Tea Towel and Happy Halloween Banner.)

Easter Garland

Pottery Barns’s 2014 Easter decorations featured an adorable Easter bunnies garland. I saw it online as I was searching for ideas for an Easter brunch that I was helping to plan. Unfortunately, the $26.00 price tag was WAY out of the price range for decorations. We would need yards and yards of bunnies!

I knew I could make a similar garland for a much lower price when I read the product description. Their banner was made our of fabric covered card stock. The words “card stock” made me very happy, I love DIY paper crafts because they are simple and affordable.

For this project I used printed card stock from my scrapbook stash, white grosgrain ribbon and minky faux fur trim or yarn to make pom pom tails. It was an easy project and it is adorable – all for the bargain price of $5.30.

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner

I’ll admit I have gone a little bit Easter bunny crazy and the banners are multiplying like, well, rabbits. Try making one or a few for your Easter décor. Another idea for Easter decorations is to make the Easter bunnies and use them individually as place cards on your Easter dinner table or write menu items on them to use as Easter buffet labels. They are also an easy Easter craft idea for kids.


  • 7 sheets – 8.5×11 cardstock in assorted, coordinating colors
  • 94 inches of grosgrain ribbon, I used white and off-white
  • Yarn, minky trim or eyelash yarn for pom-pom tails
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Printer
  • Easter Bunny Banner Printable if you plan to hand cut or Easter Bunny Banner file for your Silhouette cutter

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner

Directions for the Easter Bunnies Garland

1. Print bunny cutouts on the wrong side of your card stock.

2. Cut out 13 bunnies (or download my Easter Bunny Banner file for your Silhouette cutter and add to your library)

3. Choose your style of bunny tail.

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner4. If using minky fabric for the bunny tails, follow the steps to make pom-poms using minky.

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner

 *I have used red thread for demonstration purposes, use thread that matches your trim.

Here’s how to make pom poms with yarn.

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner Fork Pom Poms

If using eyelash yarn follow the steps to make pom-pom with yarn.


 5. Get your glue gun ready for the next steps! Glue pom-poms tails to bunnies using glue gun.

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner6. Glue end of ribbon under using glue gun. Next, make hanging loop at end of ribbon using glue gun and a pencil as a guide. Then starting 5 inches from end of ribbon, glue bunnies to ribbon, leave .75 inches between bunnies.

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner7. Enjoy your banner.

BrenDid PB Inspired Easter Bunny Banner


  • Cardstock $.50 a sheet for 7 sheets = $3.50
  • Grosgrain ribbon, 96 inches = $0.50
  • Minky faux fur trim, 26 inches =  $1.20
  • Glue stick = $0.10
  • Total cost $5.30

I hope this has given you some ideas for Easter decorations. Will you be making any Easter paper crafts this year?


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  1. Amy says

    I can totally see how these could start multiplying like mad – adorable! We haven’t done a bit of Easter decorating yet. Think we’ll get busy on these tomorrow. Thanks for a great tutorial!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for the tutorial and svg file! I made this banner this morning as a quick gift to take to my mother for Easter. She is going to love it! :)


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