PB Inspired Valentines Day Tea Towels


I love Pottery Barn’s holiday decor. Seriously, it’s love. They might make a few missteps, but I could always be FORCED to find something to order… Their 2014 Valentines décor is a excellent example.

I once told my husband I could quit teaching college classes and get a job at Pottery Barn for the employee discount. He immediately vetoed this idea believing that I would never, ever make any money working at Pottery Barn. I had to agree that I would definitely outspend my earnings if I was going to that den of decorating temptation every-single-day.

Recently I clicked over to the Pottery Barn site to check out their Valentines décor and stumbled upon this adorable tea towel. They suggest using it as a placement, napkin or even as a basket liner.

PB Valentine Towel at BrenDid

Isn’t it just the sweetest little Valentines decoration? …. then I looked at the price and choked a little bit, $14 seemed a bit steep for a flour sac towel with an applique.

“I could make that without even using my sewing machine!” I thought, as my mind began to whirl. I recalled seeing a similar flour sack towel at Ikea so I took a little road trip and came home with these adorable Tekla towels for $0.59 each.


I dug around in my fabric hoard for some red cotton fabric to match the strip (Ikea also had a nice selection of reds in their fabric-by-the yard area for about $7.00 a yard.) A little embroidery floss and some iron on adhesive later I had an adorable Pottery Barn inspired towel for $0.72!

BrenDid-PB Inspired -Valentine-Towels

Check out the directions and printable pattern below then make yourself some adorable Valentine accessories. I think I’m going to bake some Piece of My Heart cookies and give my friends a Valentine this year!

Supplies to Buy

  • Flour sack towels
    • I used the Tekla Towel from Ikea for $0.59 each.
    • You could also use these flour sack towels for a bit more.
  • Red cotton fabric to match the red stripe
    • I got a yard for $2.00 at my local fabric store.
    • I used about $0.05 of fabric per towel.
  • Iron on adhesive
    • I used Heat and Bond lite.
    • It takes approximately $0.05 of Heat and Bond per towel.
  • White embroidery floss or thin ply yarn.
    • I used embroidery floss.
    • The floss cost $1.00 per skein, I used about $0.03 of floss per towel.

Supplies You Have

  • Needle
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Sewing Scissors


1. Wash and dry towels and fabric, do not use fabric softener. This allows the iron-on adhesive to adhere well.

2. Trace hearts using printable PDF pattern on fabric. I use white chalk for this step. It is easy to see and wipes off with a damp cloth.

3. Trace inner hearts on the iron-on adhesive by laying the pattern beneath the adhesive and tracing with a pen or pencil on the paper side.

4. If you want to add a monogram, stitch it now with embroidery floss. I sketched a guide on the back of the heart (backwards) in chalk.


Make sure all the knots and loose threads are on the wrong side of the fabric.


5. Adhere the iron-on adhesive to the fabric hearts following the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep the paper backing on the adhesive until step 9.

6. Using iron-on adhesive as a guide, stitch a white border around the edge of the heart.

7. Use your fingernails to lightly unravel the unfinished edge of the heart.

8. Trim any extra long threads from the edges of the heart.

9. Remove paper from the iron-on adhesive and place heart in desired location on towel. Iron heart to towel following the manufacturer’s instructions.


10. Enjoy your towel!

BrenDid-Spluge-and-Steal-Valentine-Towel The total cost of this towel is $0.72! At this price you can make a few and treat your friends to a Valentines surprise.

Wouldn’t these make adorable napkins for a Valentines lunch or tea?

BrenDid PB Inspired Tea Towel

*Tip: To extend the life of the adhesive, I recommend washing on the delicate cycle and hanging to dry.

Click on the image to download the PDF printable pattern for free.

BrenDid Valentine Printable



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